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    Waveraider 1100 running issue

    I have a 1995 waveraider 1100 triple with about 80hrs and it will run just fine for about 4hrs or so then all of a sudden i cant get over half throttle it will bog and if i hold it it will die but start right back up i got a new fuel filter for it coming but it didnt look bad to meAny idea what it could beThanks

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    Try looking at your carb diaphragms. Pull the covers and make sure they're not cracked, stiff or stuck to the cover. The carbs work by load or vacuum, then pulling the diaphragm into the carb opening up fuel to the main jet. If they're getting hot and starting to stick to the cover, it would act like no fuel, no rpm, no power. Just a thought. Also blow air or water through your cooling system to be sure it's not blocked and overheating - which would mean you seized a ring or worse. I hope it's just the filter!

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    It wasn't the fuel filter I'll pull the carbs but im starting to lean towards something electrical is getting wet cause i have had it out like 6 times this year and it only acted up once and that one time it was windy and I had a lot of water coming over the hood and there was a bit of water in the hull but nothing crazy any idea what I should try die electric grease or inspect

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