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    2012 Yamaha VXR Starting Issue

    I go out the other day and ride for about 1.5 hours no problems. I stop for a bit at a beach and when I go to start the ski and the dash comes on but that's it. I check battery connections and play with the stupid security remote which I never touch and I get nothing. So I call a tow and as soon as we get under way it starts again. I start and stop it a few times and tell the guy to unhook me and I go on my way.

    Today the same thing.. I put 3 hours on the ski no problems, I tie up to the dock get my trailer, jump on my ski to ride it on the trailer and once again the dash lights up but I get nothing else. I pull the ski out, hose it down, and try to start it and it starts.


    Any ideas where I should start to look and what I should look for? Battery is new this season Deka AGM says 14.1v and starts strong every time. I'm thinking maybe the starter assembly on the handle bars? IDK.. 450 hours and I have never had 1 problem with this ski until this. Should I put the old Deka back in and see if that resolves it? Its 6 years old. Problem is this happens so intermittently that its hard to tell. I've been out 4 times this season and put 13 hours on the ski so far and this only happened these 2 times.
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    It’s just weird that the dash still comes on and that it seems to resolve itself in 5-10 minutes both times ...

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    I think I would be troubleshooting the starter. Given that it runs well once started, but won't crank, I would eye the ignition or the starter. You need to get a voltmeter on the positive side of the starter and have someone hit the start button. If you get voltage, your starter is bad. If no voltage, it's likely ignition (starter switch/wiring/ground).

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    take apart your start button and kill switch assembly and clean it out. Then check your + battery cable and see how bad it is, I have to replace after 2 years but we put 300-400 a year on them. For a 2011 ski, I would do it asap.

    Also, next time it doesn't start, get a flat head, jump the two leads on the starter solenoid and see what you get.

    While you are at it, give her a little preventive maintenance and take off all the plus of every electrical connection and give her some dielectric as you could have a simple connectivity issue. Ya might need a set of needlenose for the fuel pump connectors. visually inspect every wire that goes into the ECU and check the plugs to ensure you aren't getting any corrosion in there as well.

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