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    R&D rideplate question fx sho

    I got an old stock ride plate for my 08 fx sho its a 122-18000 part number, the cut out for the speed sensor wheel is at the end of the plate not near the transom.... will the wheel cable be long enough to reach the location at the rear? Not planning to install it for a while as I need to strip down and reseal the transom as well as fit the plate

    anyone know why they moved it? If it makes it worse (Speedo accuracy)?

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    Hi Hdav

    I have the 2010 FX SHO (same model as you I think) and the speedo is on the front of the Plate and not near the back toward the transom. Have a good look at your existing plate and the replacement one you got as I have not seen speedo wheels placed down near the transom.
    There are other alternatives like the Candoo GPS speedo module that lets you remove the speed wheel on the plate, I have one and they are great.

    Thanks HDav for you posts in the past,



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    Oem location is near intake on left of plate the R&D cut out for speedo is near the rear edge???

    wondering if anyone knows why? I have an etrex for speed if am bothered, flat out I can’t read dash anyway.....

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