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    1993 Yamaha LOW IDLE

    Iím having some troubles with my 1993 Yamaha Waverunner 3, Iíve cleaned the fuel tank, ran new fuel lines, new fuel filter, rebuilt the carb (needle and seat is not Mikuni brand), cleaned the fuel selector, checked the compression (135 front 125 rear) not ideal but should be enough. I got it running, I took it out today and when itís in the water it wonít idle, I have to give it gas to keep it from dying, also after it gets on a plane it seems like it wonít go faster after 2/3 throttle. Wouldn't know how to fix this issue, any suggestions? I had it looked at, I wasn't getting spark on one of the coils so I ordered a new ignition coil. UPDATE: I put the new ignition coil in and I changed the spark plugs. The waverunner still has a low idle but both cylinders are warm now so I assume it's working, I checked the spark and it is sparking on both but one seems to spark more than the other, idk if it's a timing thing or not. I'm going to take it out this weekend and try to adjust the idle. If that doesn't work, what should I look at next? Really want to get this thing figured out, it's getting warmer outside. Any help is appreciated!

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    UPDATE: Took it out to the water and the idle would not adjust. Any help is appreciated, not sure what to check next. Intake gasket maybe?

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