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Thread: Oil Change Help

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    they would have to prove the speakers or bilge pump made the rod throw to deny warranty. dealer should go to bat for you on that crap.

    * by the way you got me good on the original post. i don't have a spark but was wondering what the bottle had to do with the oil system. LOL i thought i was going to learn something today.

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    I’d be calling the better business bureau on BRB and the dealer. These upgrades had nothing to do with the poor performance of the product. Or get a lawyer.

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    nuff said.

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    So quick update to finish off this post. So our group would always ride our sparks pretty hard, seeing as this is our second spark to blow up. Looking back, three things we did 1)Coming into a hard corner at full speed, and seeing how far we could skip our sparks sideways along the lake before the prop would catch (I could get mine to come to basically a complete stop before it would catch) 2) Leaning off the sides doing donuts with the ski basically on its side. 3) When we had half fallen off, but were still holding on, spark usually right on its side, using the pin it to win it technique where you pin it until the prop caught enough that we could pull ourselves back onto the ski and right it back properly.

    All three of those things were constantly throwing low oil pressure warnings (ski beeping, usually cutting power). But always stayed running unless we pulled the tether off. So when I took it to the dealer as you all wonderfully suggested, they managed to pull 132 low oil pressure warnings. So because of this, again they told me I was being too hard on it, and for sure wouldn't be getting warranty. (They told me I wouldn't get warranty last year when I stripped out my driveshaft after 13 hours because my prop and wear ring had signs of wear but that's a different story.)

    So! Onto finding out what happened. Stripped it down, and basically spun every camshaft bearing. They had been spinning so much that you can actually see were the bearing holders had been worn down from metal on metal. Gets worse as you look down the line. I assume the end that's better is at the beginning of the oil distribution and the worse end would see oil later, which caused the wear pattern you see. Other than that, coolant and oil must just have got mixed when the water jacket was punctured, because oil was only in the overflow, and half way down the radiator. Anyways, thanks for coming to my TedTalk. Looking for a new engine, so if anyone knows of one, let me know.

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    that is impressive. 132 oil warnings and you kept on having fun. that is commitment.

    I always wondered how the sparks were going to hold up while Seadoo kept advertising them doing wheelies (is it really a wheelie with no wheels) all the time. I guess they figured out how to oil from the back but not the sides hence the warnings you get when sliding sideways.

    good luck finding a replacement engine so you can get back out riding or sliding as you do.

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    Well, at least we now know what happens when you ignore the 132'nd low oil pressure warning I always though the ACE900 seem pretty bullet proof but everything has its limits obviously.

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