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    Play in Steering

    Hi all

    Was out today and notices a bit of play in the steering, feels like the steering is sloppy and not noticed it before. It was getting late by the time I got home and washed the Ski down so was not able to investigate. Do you think the problem would be up near the handle bars or is it more likely a bit of play down where it attaches to the pump cone?
    Its a 2010 FX SHO with 205 hours on the clock.


    Sydney Aus.

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    There are 9 different things that it could be, and we could guess all we want. however you can help us out, by taking off the plastic liner in the hood compartment and take a look at the steering assembly and check to see if anything is loosey-goosey, but considering the age, there is a good chance that you might just need a new steering cable. The ONLY thing I would ever recommend from SBT is the steering and reverse cables, even then don't tell anyone i said that.

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