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    Yamaha FX taking on water...

    I've tried reading and found this to be a common issue with Yamahas. But even after all of my reading I am left with some questions, so I am asking for help... please.

    2015 FXHO
    180 hrs

    I've owned for about 3 months and I"m noticing more and more water left in the ski after I get done riding. I have only been riding freshwater inland lakes and it's still early in the season, so waves/rough conditions are non existent. I've read that the transom commonly leak on these skis so I enlisted the help of the garden hose and I put a good amount of water in the hull and tipped the trailer up in the air. With the ride plate and intake grate removed, this is what I'm seeing:

    Now, I am mechanically inclined and very comfortable around autos but when it comes to skis I need a little guidance as I am not a master ski tech. The leak appears to be coming from none other than the transom where the pump mates to the hull. What's disturbing is that this ski has a factory bilge pump installed.. so I can only guess just how much water it's actually taking on. I'm planning a trip where the ski will be in the water for two weeks consecutively and I intend to get her sealed up tight so that I don't have to worry about it sinking. I also don't like the idea of salt water splashing around in the bilge when I DO ride saltwater.

    In addition to the area in the video, I also suspect the intake grate and ride plate bolt holes might be leaking as well. I read another thread that alluded to this but the link someone posted was no good. So I couldn't actually see what was being recommended to remedy. I'm assuming someone makes some sort of grommet/seal that is installed along with grate/plate?

    So to my question, what all is involved in fixing this leak? Am I safe to conclude that the pump needs removed to reseal the surface where the white sealant appears to be failing? If so, can someone provide some brief instruction/tips?

    Thank you for reading.
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    Thanks K447, I’ll give those a look.

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    Not sure what Iím doing here but hoping once I get done I donít have any leaks.

    I guess i need to temove all the exhaust 💩 from the bulge to get to the bolts holding that last piece onto the back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slow-roller View Post
    Not sure what I’m doing here but hoping once I get done I don’t have any leaks.

    I guess i need to temove all the exhaust  from the bulge to get to the bolts holding that last piece onto the back?
    You're doing good. Just pieces and parts like autos. K447 gave you some good posts for info. That's what helped me last year doing mine.

    Yes, you need to remove some of the exhaust to get to the four nuts that are on the four studs of the transom mount. Maybe someone has done it without that but it sure makes things much easier. At least for me on a VXR.

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    My 2015 FX Cruiser HO has a similar leak that progressively got worse. It actually leaked from the time it was new but I just thought it was water splashing in until it got so bad I though the ski would sink. I put the ski on the trailer, put the plugs in and filled the engine bay with water from a garden hose. After the water rose above the drive shaft tunnel drips started coming out between the intake grate and ride plate. I took the ski to my Yamaha dealer and told them I wanted Yamaha to fix it and Yamaha did fix it under warranty, no questions asked. The leak was from the defective sealant around the transom used during original manufacturing. The dealer tore it all down and resealed it with another sealant. It has been "bone dry" ever since the repair. Apparently, Yamaha is aware that a lot of these skis have defective sealant from the factory, so they did not even blink an eye about fixing it. Again, after the repair, there has been ZERO water in the engine bay and I ride in a lot of rough water.

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    Yamaha doesn't use enough sealant when they build them. Almost sank my '12 last year on a camping trip because if it. Sealed it up earlier this spring, been bone dry since. Many people recommend 3M 5200, I used 4200 and am very happy with it. And I can get it back off if I ever need to.

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    Update: after pulling the pump and pulling exhaust the other night, it was getting late so I called it a night. I’m laying in bed thinking “I wonder if this ski is still under warranty...” so just for kicks I called in the next morning and the dealer told me that I had the YES extended warranty still valid through next year. And considering the broken latches, leaking valve cover gasket I figured I’d utilize the warranty. The assistant service manager told me “put that thing back together and bring it in and we’ll take care of it!” I said, “COOL!”

    I also mentioned to them that a couple cylinders had a bit more compression than the other two. (1/4 were about 15 psi higher than 3/4). And aside from giving me the run around on everything, they’re telling me that the valves on 1/4 are too tight and causing excessive compression. And that after adjusting, the compression should come DOWN to a more relative psi to what 2/3 had. And they also can’t duplicate the water leak (which I explained in detail along with showing them the video).

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    I am not following the valve clearance issue. If the clearance is tight it would me the valve opens sooner and stay open longer, lowering compression. Maybe I am wrong. I know the valves in the SVHO get rust on them and leak. I have seen it on a leak down test. It does not seem to bother boosted motor.

    Is this a super charged ski?


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