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    Painting/Repairing Hull. Plastidip?

    Hey guys,

    So im finally looking to finish working on my GP1300r this year and want to get some advice on this. The previous owner had repaired some gel coat cracking in the hull above the waterline. He did a piss poor job of it too. It works, its just all clumped up and gummed around the spots. I was wondering if there is a simple way to clean it up. Ive tried sanding it down and that doesn't seem to get anywhere. Should I maybe go for bondo over it and then sand the bondo down to a smooth finish?

    Honestly, from 10 feet the ski looks good. Im wanting to clean it up a bit. Has anyone duracoated their ski and it look presentable? I wouldn't mind spraying it to give it a decent look with duracoat or plastidip. Not wanting to sink much money into it as its not affecting performance or anything. Just want to give it a freshen up.

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    Pics & closeups?

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