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    polaris sl750 performance questions

    so i got a 1994 sl750 and did the usual upgrades just to keep it reliable (triple outlet fuel pump etc...) (and replaced the pto piston when i decided to do a compression check and i got the new fuel pump and sure enough there was a nice little crack going straight across the top lol). but anyways what do you guys know about when it comes to getting into higher compression or top end mods, like milling/shaving, or should i just go to a ocean pro head. and when it comes to exhaust do i go to a tdr waterbox or stay stock? maybe do some porting? also i have looked around the forums occasionally and found stuff about being able to swap some parts from the 780 engine onto the 750 engine, such as jugs and heads but, i guess i just wanted to know your opinions on how to go about upgrading the motor. thanks!!!!!!!!!

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    V-force reeds, or Boyesen Pro peddles.
    Reed angle spacers from a 785 Pro might work.
    Used Pro 785 intake and used Pro 785 44mm carbs ( eBay $100)
    Only use non- ethanol 90octane fuel or better with 135-140 Psi compression.

    Milling the heads and cutting squish back in, need to keep .055” to .060”squish.
    Your looking for 145-150 psi on a fresh motor.
    ( use 1 gallon of 110-112 race fuel to 5 gallons of premium fuel).

    Cylinder porting. Your going to raise the exhaust port timing to 190 to 192,
    widen the exhaust to 48mm cord width, shape with a nice eye brow roof.

    Clean up the transfer entry’s to allow more flow.
    Un-shrowd the transfer entries.

    You can also use the 780 cylinders and heads on your 750 bottom end , may have to bore out your case for the 780 sleeve tails in the crank case.

    SBT , WSM and Wiseco all still offer pistons and over bore kits.

    The 1992-93 SL 650 short real sortie pipe works great on the 750’s , gains you a lot of RPM.

    TDR ,HoT Seat , PSI, DG all made performance water boxes for the 750.

    Group K in Arizona does the porting , see web site for Polaris 750.
    Hot To Go in Grand Island New York does porting.
    Rich’s Taylored porting does porting, see his web site.

    A stock type 2000-01 Polaris 1200 Pro intake grate.
    Extended ride plate , Watcon still has new ones in stock for the 650-750.
    13/18 Skat Trak swirl impeller in a 1994-1995 750cc ,148mm pump.
    The newer Stainless Steel pump stators are a good up grade.

    WetWolf makes a nozzle stuffer kit as well, check out his web site.

    Hope this helps.

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