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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Sounds like a no spark on one cylinder.
    There are a couple common issues I find on these old triples. First check all coils. You can ohm from the boot to ground (around 10k ohm) and ohm at the coil connector in the box (around 1 ohm). The actual coils don't go bad often but the plug boots go open and the plug wires can break internally. Wiggle them around while ohming. Next common issue I find is corroded coil connectors that don't make good contact. Sometimes you can get them clean and pry the little contact tabs out so they connect tighter. Other times I cut them off and crimp on bullet connectors. If everything there checks out try swapping a coil connector and see if the no spark follows the connector at the cdi. If it does, then there is a cdi fault. Not near as common as bad coils or finicky corroded coil connectors.
    Awesome info!
    Going to start looking into all that this week and test her out again on Sunday

    Thanks for all the input

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmazz View Post
    That is a misconception. The seat doesn't open because of pop-off pressure.
    It opens because atmospheric pressure pushes it open, with help from manifold
    and or ported vacuum. That is why vacuum leaks are a common problem.

    The max fuel pressure is ~7.5 psi or nearly the same as the average crank
    case pressure. A 30cc weed whacker produces the same peak fuel pressure
    as the 1100. Only the volume is different.

    Bill M.

    With the exception of how the needle and seat opens, a regular carb functions
    much the same as a watercraft carb.
    Sorry, there is no misconception. You're the only only who mentioned pop-off pressure. My summarized explanation is still accurate. The pressurized fuel still opens the needle. The regulator diaphragm pushes down on the lever lowering the effective pressure required to overcome the needle. tomatos tamatos

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