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    The ECU and TCP has nothing to do with your problem. That's why I ask you to test with the wastegate actuator disconnected. You should of got instant Full boost. You did not, so now the turbo or it's intake or discharge tracts are suspect.

    As for the motor mechanical heath check answer what I ask--What technique did you use when you checked compression and what were the 4 separate cylinder PSI numbers you got?

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    Removed all plugs pull fuel pump relay and got 174, 171, 168, 172

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    Never rev ski out of water .
    Stock ecu only allows ski to go to 6540 rpm anything past that is free floating ,free spinning and could and one day will bend a valve ...
    As for your boost issue . I think you have a busted coupling in the intake track . there are 3 and any of the 3 could cause this issue . a small rip 1/2" long is all it takes .
    It could possibly be the ic but that can be checked while you have it out checking the couplings .
    As nitro said , just to confirm your test you unhooked the small 1/4" line from turbo outlet to wastegate actuator and ran on water ?
    If that is what you did and only got 6psi. Not sure if you have ever ran ski with eat off ? If you you might even be able to hear the boost leak..

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