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    spark plug replacement

    According to the Yamaha service chart the plugs are supposed to be checked at 10hrs than at 100hrs. Should I have actually replaced them at the 10hrs? When are you are actually replacing them?
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    I don't believe anyone changes them at the first 10 hours. On my fourth new ski and never did that and didn't have any problems. Definitely do the first 10 hour oil and filter change. I put around 50-60 hours a year. I put the old plugs back in after fogging for Winter storage. In Spring, I start the ski on the hose with the old plugs to burn off the fogging oil and make sure everything is good. Then I put in new plugs for the riding season. The old ones look good but plugs aren't that expensive and I don't like problems while riding.

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    I just replace them after I burn off the fogging oil for the summer.

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