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    96 SL780 wont Rev Up

    I have a 96 Polaris Sl780. The compression is great, the carbs were rebuilt. One day it ran great. The next day i tried to run it and it started easy but it won't rev up at all. It feels like the rev limiter kicks in at 2000 rpms. I can't even think what it could be. Any place i should start ?

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    Sounds like it is in limp mode. Are there any warning lights? Does it have a mdf? If so, does it work?

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    Does it rev up out of the water on the trailer?

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    The engine runs poorly even out of the water and the display doesnt work. I did however determine it had something to do with the rev limiter. I unplugged the gray wire off of the CDI and it ran great,, Dont know what to do with it now

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    You need to know what put it in limp mode. Overheat, low gas, low oil, or possibly the MFD not working at all. First check the fuse inside the elec. box, it's a 1/4 Amp fuse you can get at Radio Shack. There's also a rash of fuel floats getting gas logged and not floating, telling the CDI low fuel even though you have a full tank. Let us know what you find.

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    whats the grey wire deal
    does that let the ski run without limits

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    Yes it disables the rev limiter circuit and should be done for testing purposes only.

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