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    Lightbulb 1997 polaris slt 780 limiter problem

    I hope someone can help me out here. I just got a new ski and cannot fugue out what is up with it. I cleaned the carbs they were full of sludge from sitting with gas for so long with previous owner I changed all fuel lines cleaned the pump pulled the tank cleaned it out I didn't pull the sending unit tho Idk if the float is bad and my mfd is shot but I unplugged it along with the grey wire and undid the temp wire I have 110 psi on all 3 cylinders it starts up and idles perfect hot or cold in the water or on hose but soon as you touch the throttle a quarter it bounces off the limiter I cleaned my block ground and still no changes can someone tell me what I can try changing before I go spending unnecessary money. I also checked the reeds today there in good shape and the previous owner also told me he pulled the rod for the oil pump but wanted to double check. Pulled the pump and he did have that removed with a grinder lol but the o ring was shot and permatex in some spots so kinda got excited thinking maybe it was sucking air like my yamaha blaster was through the crank seal but after all that still fired up and is running the same. Y'all always have great ideas someone save

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    In the water the engine ‘bounces off the limiter’?

    Does it go forward at the expected speeds?

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    Yes in the water also I goes straight from idle to limiter and only goes maybe 8 mph wot

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    Engine coupler slipping? Any signs of rubber pieces at the back of the engine or burnt rubber smell?

    How does the impeller look?

    How's the pump bearings feel?

    Possible broken stub shaft?

    Intake grate is installed, correct?

    Just a few wild guesses

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    I also suspect the drive coupler. If not that , there’s something wrong in the jet pump somewhere, maybe something else is stripped, drive shaft or inside impeller?

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    Didn't even think the pump or impeller been to worried about the motor gonna check all that when I get home

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    It might be pulling air from the ride plate not being sealed around the intake grate.

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