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Thread: Gpr Ported

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    Gpr Ported

    HI people

    When you do porting and advance timing and STAGE II From riva and VF3

    what kind of prop should i use

    DF 14/20 or Re pitch DF 15/23

    Kind of lost here

    we need to get 80+ the soonest.......

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    Well thats kind of a loaded question.

    Start with asking your portsmith the target rpms. With a good aftermarket tach collect the rpms with the 14-20 and start adjusting form there one degree at a time.

    Remember you can always add a degree to the trailing edge of a dynafly but you can't go backwards. The outer diameter grows as the degree increases and the blades must be cut to fit the liner. I would use the 85 mm nozzle and if you go a little to far the 87mm can possibly bring it back.

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