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    89 KAW TS650 Nebie

    KAW 89 TS 650
    I got a new battery and turned it over. Engine appears clan and turns over but no starting. I pulled the plugs to check compression and turned it over and the cylinders are exptramlly flooded with what appears to be the 2 stroke oil. the plugs are not fouled but when i re-install them they foul with a very rich mixture of the premix oil. this ski may have not been prepared properly for storage ?
    compression seems to be high probably because its over lubricated im thinking ?
    any help would be great !

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    Has the oil injection been removed? Thats why your runnign premix?
    What is the compression?
    If it was stored it was probably oiled or sprayed to stop storage rust. Just crank it with the plugs out to blow out the extra oil and then install the plugs and if it has spark and fuel it should fire.
    Do you have a lanyard installed?

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    i think the oil injection is probably working, or was working . i did remove the plugs and try and shoot all the 2 stroke oil from the injector out. The two stroke oil reservoir is higher than the engine block and i feel like some part failed allowing oil into the engine while it was stored. does that seem possible ?
    thanks much !! lanyard installed

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    The Compression was like 200 , tons of oil in the low end. i put a towl over the spark plug holes after is shot blue injector oil every where at first turn over attempt.. seems weird but someone has had to have exprerienced this ..

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    It's normal for some to just use oil to winterize. They may have just use a little to much. Normally a tablespoon or two is plenty. The tank is higher so gravity helps feed the pump. The system will drip a little into the intake. If the tank was fairly full, I doubt there is a issue. Excess oil is far better than not enough. Your probably going to have to prime it with some 50:1 premix to get it to fire.

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    yea i figured just gotta get the injector oil out of the low end. seriously the first time pulled the plugs, a huge amount of injector oil which didn't seems to have the consistency of "mixed" shot out the spark plug hole like a geyser and got everywhere. ill pinch the injector oil feed line and brew up some remix. spark plugs in good shape and have OEM gap; Im getting a spark but there is still residual oil and the plugs foul immediately.
    Appreciate your time!

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    premix worked- she fired ! thanks ! rough running prolly need carb rebuild. Plugs look good but probably wouldn't hurt.

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