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    2019 yamaha fx svho cruiser vs 2019 sea doo rxt x

    Rating which pwc has the advantage I will outline on in depth view on both machines from my perspective . First theyíre both great machines. Both speed and Comfort .Top of the line That being said letís dive in
    long cruising range advantage svho
    18.9 gallon gas tank versus 15.9
    All-around storage
    Advantage Svho
    Fit and finish advantage SVHO
    if you look at both skis The SVHO , just has a better finish to it from the paint, Metallic versus flat
    the overall look svho looks more luxurious, The body lines, for an example The Sea-Doo looks like a crotch rocket, SVHO looks more like a top of the line Harley. If you get my drift..

    Speed and quickness from what Iíve read
    advantage goes to rxtx
    We know this on flat to claim water, and we also know itís not much but maybe 1 mile faster top end and in a half a second mid range .
    But I have been told and read the SVHO Will beat the RXTX in chop.

    A big advantage to rxtx with their trim. Technology.
    Big advantage to RXTX with the built-in speakers.

    Creature comforts . Advantage SVHO, Their cruise control, no wake mode, docking mode. Mooring cleats , foot well drainage. A big boarding ladder itís really nice.

    I donít like were seadoo put the gas cap, inside the storage area. I know they claim it drains for spillage but that gas can squirt out if youíre not careful we all know that and I can get all over your stuff inside your storage. I also donít like the small glove box. And I donít like the idea having to open up the whole front lid just to get to get a swig of water while Iím riding. All the time which I do quite often . Lastly what I didnít like is the RXTX is the seat Iím somewhat tall if I want to sit back a little bit
    Iím sitting right on top of that ridge on the seat and itís not that comfortable . SVHO has the same Ridge but itís not as stiff you can sit on it and itís not so bad if you need to.

    Now for the last one, one of the most important, which has a better all around ride rxtx new hull or the SVH0 New hull .
    I donít have an answer because I have not driven the RXTX.
    I heard theyíre both good but is one extremely better than the other. I donít believe thatís the case. However it would be nice for someone who has both 2019 is or has driven both. To chime in on this.

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    2018 GTX 230 - I am very comfortable on my ski. Very impressed going through the rough stuff. No hard reentry and overall a soft ride. My back never hurts, even if riding on the ocean. The Seadoo, I think looks better and more modern. Has the Linq system to hold accessories.

    The SVHO also a very nice ski. Probably more refined and also comfortable.

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    I was riding with a new SVHO the day my grip came off and I wrecked my shoulder. I can tell you he got more splash in the face in 2-3ft chop and when we laid into it I stayed hooked up better and pulled away. Could be rider or trim variables since I wasn't on it but when I got out of break in mode and we raced there there really wasn't much of a competition.

    I'm 6'3 203lbs and pretty trim. When I'm idling and putting along I will sit on the rear seat but would most comfortable in the middle like you said and it kind of annoys me. Also, when riding in the rough like we were I like to stand up and I can't seem to get comfortable with the bars even tilted up. I know most people aren't 6'3 so my complaints about it are kinda isolated to monsters. I can't speak for the SVHO about any of the other things you said until I ride one. However, his grip did not come off in a hard turn and his shoulder isn't trashed.

    One more annoyance. I have the smaller Lin Q cooler and sometimes I will board in 4ft-5ft deep water and have no step. If I was a weaker man there would be almost no way I could get on with the cooler locked in and it has to be where I ride since it's usually always choppy.

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    Hello all - I'm looking to make a purchase for my two sons to share (~400 lbs). The craft would be used in the Great South Bay of Long Island and eventually a bit in the open ocean. The Great South Bay can be choppy but there are lots of marsh lands to explore as well

    We are also down to either the Yamaha FX Limited SVHO or a SeaDoo RXT 230. Given the weight load and the usage, which way would folks lean?

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    some new imput here on this Topic ?

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