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    Anyone experienced RIDE problem error 78

    After doing a hull swap on a 2017 GP svho, RIDE does not work. On the cluster it displays "-" no matter what i do instead of N or F. When i start the ski it does move up and down but keeps the bucket in the up position at all times.

    I checked the fuses, all good. I checked the main ride connector (big white one) all is connected with good pins.

    Any suggestions??

    Check engine beeping, but the ski revs fine.

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    Make sure battery is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderx72 View Post
    Make sure battery is good
    Brand new battery. Strange part is error code relates to reverse switch. Where is the reverse switch?

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    Make sure that the rod controlling the tilt is not in a bind. You may have to adjust it. I am not sure if this is the same error I had but it gave an error code after changing nozzles. I adjusted it so it could slip on the ball socket without any pressure up or down and that corrected it.

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    I checked nothing binding. The tilt rod actually moves when I start the machine and press the buttons

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