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    How fast has the stock GP1800 impeller gone?

    Have tried finding this answer doing searches but have struck out. Kind of curious. I know everyone will say switch it and the acceleration is way better with an aftermarket and evetually will but just wondering and can't seem to find the answer, just that the impeller is swapped out fairly quick in the mod stages usually.

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    From what I’ve read I think people get up to 77-80mph on stock and then switch because you’re just spinning silly rpm with unnecessary wear on the motor and cavitating like crazy if you doing that kind of top end speed on a stock prop. Acceleration/holeshot would suck too.

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    Interesting, I have a 2017 GP with tune only (and ribbon delete) which I have ran 78 with. Just ordered the 2019 ride plate which from what I have read should add about 2mph and I purchased an air intake as well as a Maptuner to switch to a more powerful tune so I suppose I would be past the 80mph mark. Maybe I should have ordered a aftermarket tach as well since mine just maxes the bars. No clue how many rpms I am currently running.

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    For me i went 76 on stage 1, with everything except the tune and impeller from stage 1+, now i go 77 with the impeller and stage 1+ tune. *On a good day.

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    My son is going 79 on an Fz svho ( basically same driveline)
    With stock impeller
    Still stock boost as well

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