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    First ride Review of 2019 Yamaha FX svho cruiser

    Hello First off a little bit about me Iíve been riding personal watercraft since 1992. Previous owner of 2003 Sea-Doo GTX supercharged.
    Now a very happy new owner of a 2019 Yamaha FX svho cruisers.
    First time owning any Yamahaís, Comfort and ride. Rode on Lake St. Clair which is considered a decent size lake . The wind mild however I was able to run over some large boat Wakes . Smooth, cuts through chop dry ride , impressed with the ride, speed, and the way the boat handles example The turning felt like the boat was half its weight it felt like I was on a boat half itís size it was that nimble. That surprised me the most. The creature comfortĎs Yamaha did a great job with this cruise control, no wake mode, really surprised with the braking system, and the ease to dock the boat. I did hit 70 miles an hour and Iím 230 pounds with a full tank of gas. But I never felt unstable or unsafe. Love the large gas tank, love the large glove box, love the built-in cooler, love the new wide step, The machine was everything I was looking for in a little bit more, I was really debating between fx svho and seadoo rxtx, living in Michigan and in April very difficult to take test drives, I have to do all the reading I can check out the machines for myself and then take a chance. Remember Iíve never owned a Yamaha. I chose the Yamaha for me because of the larger gas tank, glove box, the foot well drainage, more storage ,
    I canít comment that itís a better ride than the RXTX because Iíve never driven one . Also I just like the way the Yamaha looked. Iíve also read and been told the Yamahaís have a better long-term reliability. Again these are my personal opinions, the machine is fantastic if you want comfort, speed, and Storage.

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    This is really similar to my experience. I'm amazed how well it handles waves, and the power is intoxicating.

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