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    WTF, I installed my new extended pump setup on my sl750

    Ok, I installed an extended pump setup from a 96 sl780. Trying to beat the chop and get a little more speed. I installed the complete setup, Ride plate, pump,stator, trim lingage, steering cable. Basically the whoole deal. This thing rides like $hit. It dosent matter where I put the trim it bounces, It beats. It jumps. If I lean all the way over the bars on glass it goes 55mph. If I sit down it bounces it beats IT SUCKS. I must have missed something, Do I neeed to flip the wedge upside down, Do I need to install my previous setup??? The only thing I have that could affect the ride is....
    95 sl750, 780 extended pump and carbs, psi exhaust, boysen duel stage reeds, premix, ocean pro filters, r&d intake grate.. Triple outlet fuel pump. Nothing major, all bolt-ons.. Please someone help, I really dont want to back up to the old 750 setup..

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    i dont think u missed anything.... i think its just the SL hull with the extended pump... i had a SL 1050 and it bounced like a mofo all the time..i called it the hull slapper lol

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    The SL hull is a smooth water hull. Mine bounced all over the place. I put on a r&D ride plate and wedge, helped some, but handled like a@@. I then installed extended pump and 6 vain pump, made it much better. It still dose it but it is a lot better. When running near 60 mph when it starts porpusing it just continues, untill I slow down, but lets face it the hull wasn't disigned to run that fast. Post some pics of your pump so we can make sure that you did everything right. It is hard to mess up.


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    What do you have for sponsons and how far back does the plate reach on the pump?
    Stock the SLX780 does 55-56, the SL900 does 60. The hull is more than capable of these speeds.
    What impeller are you running and where are your RPM's?

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    Let me be more clear. It is no fun to ride. Almost not rideable.
    I have the stock slx 780. I am thinking of going back to the 750 ride plate. I cannot attain max speed. It bounces totally out of the water. Then cavitates. Do you think Maybe i should not have installed the 780 ride plate? Maybe its too long??

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    No sponsons either.. Sorry forgot to say that..

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    rpms are 6200 and stock impeller for the 780

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    The SL780 didn't have the extended rideplate. You need the ride plate from an SLX780, SL900, 1050, etc.

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    The ride plate is alot longer than the one I had (750). I cant use the ride plate from the 780. I have to go with an even longer one??

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    The entended pump setup came off of a 96 slx 780, i installed the ride
    plate, steering cable, whole pump assembly, trim linkage, also a r&d intake grate from the same critter.. The ride plate seems to be more than long enough.. But please thats why i am here..

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