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    RXPX 260 Fault codes P1615 and P160E

    This ski was bought used from dealer and had the Throttle body replaced and then the Intercooler as it had been leaking.Ran fine for 12.5 hrs. now its throwing these codes. My question is since the throttle body was changed first then after a few hrs it was found that intercooler was leaking, is it possible that the moisture from intercooler leaking caused throttle body to go bad that quick???. Well if dealer had of checked plugs they would have known it had intercooler leak. Is there any reason ECU might been damaged by intercooler leak and getting false readings. Any ideas or has anyone else come across this. Thanks in advance

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    Yes, if there's water coming from the intercooler the pressure will push the water into the throttle body internal mechanism/electronics. In salt water it will kill them super fast.

    Only real way to tell if intercooler is leaking is to pressure test it. You can get a good idea by taking the throttle hose off while it's running on the hose and rev it a little but it should be pressure tested to be sure.

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    Yes intercooler was replaced after pressure test. I just replaced throttle body with a known good one took care of all faults ,it was sticking shut and dragging I supposed damaged by intercooler leak, Thanks for your help its much appreciated.

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