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    93 sl750 seized motor

    I've got an sl 750 with a seized motor, aquirred it free, seriously neglected. I've also got alot of spares including bottom end for my 96 slt780.

    Do I convert this sucker into a 780 or simply rebuild the 750? Bear in mind, I'm an upgrade junkie! If I drop in a 780 motor do I need to replace the driveline?


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    Crankcase, engine coupler and fuel pump is updated for 780. And maybe the 780 had a long jetpump (wouldn't matter except long is a little more MPH). All you need to change is carb jetting, exhaust manifold, and a CDI.

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    I've got the bottom end of a 780 crankcase, top of the crankcase is shot though. Damaged from a seizure. Will the top of the 750 crankcase work on the 780?

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