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    2018 seadoo spark ace ho with ibr & convience package into trixx model help!!!


    This is my first post.

    So i have been thinking about buying a Sea Doo Spark TRIXX for my girlfriend.

    Is it possible to buy an2018 Sea-Doo SPARK® 2-up Rotax 900 HO ACE iBR® & CONV

    And Convert it into a TRIXX model the mark up for the trixx model is 1700$ more at my local dealer?

    And i believe the difference is only the foot steps, bars and VTS.

    I see seadoo sells all these parts for a lot cheaper then 1700$

    So basically i am asking if you can buy a spark HO ACE iBR @ CONV and turn it into a SPARK TRIXXX

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    Very interesting so if I get the ace ho IBR and get the extended range vts I’ll be good to wheelie around. So it can be done for a lot less $$

    Im 61 210

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