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    Best $1.07 I ever spent.

    Finally got a chance to check the MFD fuse and It was blown. I head to Radio Shack and pick up the last pack they have. At the register I notice one of the fuses is broken so they let me have it for a buck.

    The MFD works perfectly!! I am so happy!

    Seems like alot of people have blown fuses. How often do these things blow? I was thinking of installing a 1/4a 250v inline marine fuse holder and put a slightly higher rated one in the CDI. That way if it blows again I don't have to crack open the CDI. Not that it's a big deal but why do it if you don't have to?

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    Ah you got to love Radio Shack. I got a box right here part no. 270-1002 comes to $2.09 with tax. I'll take the box apart they don't blow that often. I just blew one the other day messing around with a jumper wire trying to diagnose a starting issue .

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    The most common reason for the fuse to blow is a surge in the electrical system, usually associated with cranking the engine on a weak battery.
    Glad the fuse took care of your MFD!
    Be sure to disconnect the MFD during storage so you don't ruin it while trying to start it next season with a weak battery. If of course you don't use a trickle charger.

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