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    Flashing Check Engine Light at startup

    Brand new 2019 GP1800R.

    Last Friday, when I first started the ski for break-in at 0 hours, the check engine light flashed and beeped at me for a minute or so. I turned the ski off, waited about 5 minutes and restarted. The ski ran great and the check engine light never reappeared. I completed the break-in with no issues. The next day we took it and our boat out with family and friends. Again, first minute or so, the check engine light flashed and beeped. Same thing, shut it off for 5 minutes or so, restarted and it ran great all afternoon with no issues.

    I can take it in to the dealer but wanted to check with you guys first.


    P.S. This thing is a monster

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    Wonder what the battery voltage is after sitting before you start it?

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    It shows its 14.1-14.2 range

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS_GP1800R View Post
    It shows its 14.1-14.2 range
    You might want to monitor how low the battery voltage sags while the engine is cranking.

    Low voltage during cranking can trigger a warning, IIRC.

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    It should show a code on the dash when you turn off the motor. I have had it a few times and it was a code for the Ride system. If you nice the reverse bucket at all I think it can tell it was moved and throws a code. Starting and shutting down a few times made it go away fro me

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