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    Low Oil Pressure 2004 GTX Supercharged 185

    With engine running out of the water and hose attached, no issues at idle. But when I slowly accelerate to 3k RPM or so, it throws an OIL alert, meaning oil pressure is low. I pulled the main (Rear) oil pressure sensor and installed an oil pressure gauge. Sure enough, at idle I am only getting 18psi of oil pressure. Manual says it should be no less than 33psi. The engine has 116hrs with good compression. Do I need to rebuild my pumps, front and rear?

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    Is there any rattling if not I would not run it any more it only takes .0001 to be out of round and your done.

    I am going to bet pumps or pump but do both if you do replace you can also check the oil squirter if you have that mod.

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    No rattling. No noises. Runs very smooth. But I haven't run it since checking the pressure with the gauge to confirm it's low pressure and not a faulty sensor.
    It is all stock so there's no oil squirter. Not even sure what that is or where it would be installed.

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    replace the front sensor and see what happens. also a possibility the relief valve is stuck

    BTF out of pulling the engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    replace the front sensor and see what happens. also a possibility the relief valve is stuck

    BTF out of pulling the engine

    I think he has done that and verified that it is indeed low pressure.He can check the oil screen it could be clogged if it is that's not good but he needs to check everything dealing with the oil system.

    the oil mod is in the crank case it sprays oil on the wrist pin and bottom of piston to help with temps.

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    First thing would be to check for a collapsed oil filter.
    Do the Easy stuff first.

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    I once lost flywheel bolts and had same issue for a few starts. Then engine quit spinning...

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