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    Body Shop Gelcoat Repair Screwballs!!

    Any of you guys ever gotten F'd by the body shop who is supposed to be knowledgeable and responsible enough to fix an 18" long gouge in the bottom of your hull? I hit a log back on May 5th and put my ski in the shop on the 7th w/ these clowns. They kept it until the 23rd at which point I took it to the beach for Memorial Day. Thing looked crappy when I picked it up had overspray on top section of the hull-black on yellow, fisheyes on the bow section and sponson section and the idiot was nice enough to spray either gelcoat or paint one over 3/4 of my pump housing. Anyhow I fussed but his response was bring it back if it peels off I was thinking jeezus christ what did I do at that point. Anyhow 2 -3 days of riding it at the ocean tore that piece of sh&t patch job they did on the bottom of my hull right out and now I am about to go ballistic. I took it back to the same idiots cause they have my $400.00 and it is now going on 9 days and they claim to still be waiting on the fiberglass to dry out before they can begin repairs. These guys claim they didn't let it dry out long enough the first time that is why my hull seperated again I say it is cause they 1) didn't sand the fiberglass down 2) didn't wash the ski to remove any solvents/wax etc. 3) and the biggest they used a polyester resin to mold the fiberglass instead of an epoxy resin. My question to you guys have any of you ever sued cause of negligence like this or do I have any recourse in taking this approach? I am going tomorrow to pull my ski and get my money back I at least put the charge on a credit card so there is some hope in that but these jerkoffs have taken a whole months worth of riding time out of my summer and someone needs their $ss beat.

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    I used to work in a body shop so let me tell you what i know. First of all fiberglass resin bonds best to fiberglass resin. It also requires very little time to "dry" or cure.If mixed correctly fiberglass has a very short time to work with it before it begins to turn to a jelly. This all depends on temperature but even at 70 degrees working times can be as short as 5 minutes. The more resin that is applied also speeds up curing since it creates heat when curing so a smaller area may require more time to set up but still should not take days. We used 2 solvents made by PPG to clean the area before applying any paint or gelcoat. Even the oil left by a fingerprint can cause fish eyes. i would get them to make another attempt at repairing it before you use legal action but i would refuse to pay anything else. Good luck my friend. If all else fails get yourself some marine tex and call it a day.

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    the only problem with using fiberglass to repair with is that it shrinks and can pull away from the part that it's layed on. Epoxy resin doesn't shrink and with the correct mat, cloth and or fillers needed for the repair is always the best choice. If they had to wait that long for fiberglass to cure something was wrong. It was either mixed improperly or just too old. If it isn't hard by the next day in the worst of conditions it's probably time to start scraping it off.

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    Fiberglass dry off time going on 2 weeks +????

    First off thanks for the 2 responses-especially you Oxidime you have been a ton of help. Before all this happened-the day before actually my ski hit 68 on the speedo which I know is wacked but I raced 6 or 7 skis and blew them all totally away it truly is a dream to ride on now compared to before I did all the mods. Anyhow I am totally clueless on this hull repair crap although I have talked to 2 other places that do these repairs professionally one being PPG the other up in Delaware asssociated w/ WMF Watercraft I just can't afford to drive to Delaware AGAIN. The big holdup on this 2nd go around on the so called repair job is that the sub flooring in my ski is soak and wet cause of the failure of the initial repair which allowed me to ride my ski probably an entire day if not more in the ocean which filled the hull up w/ saltwater again "subfloor" whatever that means it didn't actually flood the engine compartment. I never knew any difference other than a drastic decrease in speed that day obviously I was carrying extra weight around "the Atlantic ocean". Anyhow these crackheads are saying that since I pulled my ski out of the water on the 29th of May as of yesterday June 8th that the fiberglass hull is still soak and wet and dripping water and that they won't do the repair until this completely dries which I understand. However how freaking long does this take and is there any way to expedite this process or do you guys think like I do they are full of sh!t. And shouldn't I be able to get something on them for doing the faulty repair in the first place which has led to this more time consuming and possibly damaging repair the 2nd time around? I just don't get it they went cheap on the materials on the initial repair and he has finally agreed to use an epoxy resin this time around yet here I am telling him what freaking materials he better use cause he is too lazy and stupid to research it himself.

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