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    That's interesting. I don't think I've ever taken my airbox apart. Guess I'll have to. My nephew is rebuilding his 150 engine, maybe I can take a look at that this week.
    I found it interesting as well. I assume the cutouts in the rubber boot don't match up with the cutouts in the carbs for fire arresting reasons. i assume they have them be 180 degrees out so if there is a back fire it doesn't go directly into the air box. I assume a back fire doesn't turn direction well so that is why the opening is 180 degrees out. Air is still flowing but if there is a backfire it doesn't travel directly out since the cutouts are 180 degrees out. That is just a guess but it makes sense, sorta. Lol. It also could have something to do with vacuum and how much is necessary for the slides to operate properly.

    Edit: I was going to delete this post but I can't. I read it the day after I posted it and realized it was a drunk mess of a post. Oh well. I can't delete it now. I could edit it but why? I'll leave it to help remind me not to post when I've been drinking. Of course I doubt I'll remember this lesson when I am drinking.
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