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    The main feed to your engine, that is where your cooling comes from when in water. When you back flush water runs out of it, it is the hose that connects to manifold at jugs.

    The water streaming out of pisser is the dump for the exhaust stinger, water coming out of exhaust is from your water box
    I think I understand now. The hose that connects to the pump feeds the water inlet pipe on the three cylinders. The pump pressurizes the water and forces it up to the water inlet pipe. That cools the cylinders and exits out of the triple pissers. Some of the water also flows through the exhaust system and it exits out of the stinger and exhaust itself. The reason I see water coming out of the pump on the hose is some water is running backwards and flows out of the pickup in the pump. I think I have that correct and understand how it works now.

    The two stock pisser fittings hoses that I still have connected should I remove them or just leave them attached? I have the hoses connected in the hull so it just runs in a circle.

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    Sounds like a pita to remove, i normally just connecy them together with a hose

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    I received the metal fuel check valve and installed it tonight. I pressure tested it prior to installing it. It held 5 psi without any issues. I installed it with hose clamps instead of zip ties since it fit the stock fuel hose a bit looser than I would like. I tested it with the loose fit and it still held pressure but I figured hose clamps would insure that.

    I ran it on the hose after installing the check valve for about 20 minutes. Mostly idling but I revved it up a bunch as well. I never saw a single air bubble in the piece of Tygon fuel line that connects to the fuel pump. When I removed the existing check valve from the fuel tank that I knew would not hold 5 psi without dropping quickly it still made a hiss sound like it was holding some pressure in the tank. Regardless I now know without a doubt that the fuel system is air tight and there are no leaks. The check valve does allow air to flow into the tank but not out as intended.

    I am hoping to get some hard hours on it this weekend. If all goes well I will finally be confident the drama for this ski is over. I understand it can have a seizure at anytime because of numerous reasons. With that said I think I have covered all possible reasons and done more than I possible can to prevent it. If it happens again at this point trying to find out the reason will be a challenge to say the least.

    Wish me luck everyone but I think she is ready to be used and abused!
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    Good luck man. Maybe there is hope for me as well.

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    She ran perfectly all day! I even took my bulldog for a ride. Today was my favorite day out on the ski by far! I hope tomorrow is just as fun.
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    I ran it for hours on Sunday as well and zero issues. I let everyone there ride it as hard as they wanted to. I pulled a few friends wake boarding too. I also gave it a few good minutes of severe thrashing doing donuts and jumping wakes and it handled all of it perfectly. Not one issue over both hard days on the water. No stalling, no rough idle, nothing. It just kept chugging away.

    I hope it continues this way. I plan on pulling the plugs before this weekend to see what tale they might tell. Hopefully all looks good. I assume that is the case since it ran so well all weekend long and didn't suffer a seizure so far. Fingers crossed my recent good luck continues!

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    I finally had it on the "big side" of the pond today. It ran flawlessly again! The dream meter read 62 at one point. I didn't have GPS on at that moment but for whatever reason my dreamometer seems to match up well to real world gps speed. Maybe that means I really hit 62 today but I don't know for sure. Either way it ran perfectly and hard for at least an hour. I also ran it through a no wake zone idling for about 5 minutes and it handled it twice with no issues. I am just happy to report it handled a solid hour of WOT and some time of idiling and I had no issues. It ran perfectly and fast. I am very impressed. I wish it had a bit more top speed but considering how well it ran today in choppy water I am very impressed. I just a want a few more mph at the top end. Maybe tweaking the prop is next? Either way she is running perfectly it seems. No issues in any area of the RPM range. It rips everywhere. Throttle response is perfect. I am very impressed with how well she is running.

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    Now that you've got the 1200 engine sorted out, look for an Ultra 150.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Now that you've got the 1200 engine sorted out, look for an Ultra 150.
    I have been looking but no good deals have popped up yet. It is a seller's market so I am not expecting to find a deal any time soon. Maybe in the off season the right deal will come along.

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    I might have asked this before but what is the ideal RPM at WOT and flat out for the 1200 STX-R? With the modified aftermarket prop from Impros I have installed I am topping out at 7k rpms according to the stock gauge. When I pop out of the water it is obvious I am hitting the rev limiter at approximately 7500 rpms.

    So is 7000 rpms at max speed and WOT about right? I am asking because I am wondering if I should have Impros give it another tweak to give me a few more top end MPH? In flat conditions I am topping out at 58-59 mph. I feel like I should be hitting more like 62-64 mph. Maybe I am wrong which is why I am asking.

    I do understand I might lose some low end or midrange to gain it in the top end but I am curious what you guys think

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