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    I ended up ordering this:

    It is metal and cheap enough so I decided that is a better option than the Blowsion. Hopefully it gets the job done without falling apart on me.

    The new metal gas cap should be in any day. Once that arrives I should be able to pressurize the fuel system and check for any leaks. I assume my issue was the cracked gas cap but I am going to check anyway to make sure.

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    The tale of 2 skis.

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    The new gas cap is installed with the seal from the stock cracked cap.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I pressurized the fuel tank up to 4 psi and it held for at least ten minutes. It might have dropped a smidge over that time but not more than . 2 psi if it did at all. I don't have the most accurate gauge setup. It seems to be holding pressure properly.

    I glued the tank check valve back together. It is holding pressure in the direction it is suppose to but quickly vents. I only pumped it up to 5 psi. It drops almost immediately after pumping it up. If I put my finger over the nipple it holds perfectly. So the inside of the check valve is not holding as well as it should but the base of the valve is sealed. I should have the new check valve next week.

    Do you think it is safe to ride it for now? I ran it on the hose and the air bubbles in the fuel line are dramatically reduced but I am still seeing a tiny one every few seconds or so.

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    I took it out for a couple of hours. I even pulled my friend wake boarding. It seems to be running perfectly! I'll install the new check valve when it arrives but I am not nervous about running it the way it is for now.

    On a side note, is the water coming out of the pump area on my ski normal? I have the Triple Pisser kit so the two lines that connect to the nozzle aren't doing anything of course. There are three fittings that look identical but water is only flowing out of the one on the left. Is that the way it is suppose to be? What are the other two fittings for? I am thinking bilge drain that work while riding if water gets in the hull.

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    Yes your exhaust dumps the cooling from engine in pump area, coming from hose kn the top of your stinger pipe

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    The fittings on the top are for the bilge. Mine broke when I rebuilt the pump. What a pain to replace as far as finding something that fits.Click image for larger version. 

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    I didnt realize they came with a step on the back. Mine diest have one. Click image for larger version. 

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    He installed the steps, any stx step will fit

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    Just so I understand, the water flowing out of the hole on top on the left is coming from the stinger. The other two holes on top are for the bilge. Where is the water coming from that enters the nozzle? I assume the water box but I don't know for sure.

    I am just curious how everything works.

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    The main feed to your engine, that is where your cooling comes from when in water. When you back flush water runs out of it, it is the hose that connects to manifold at jugs.

    The water streaming out of pisser is the dump for the exhaust stinger, water coming out of exhaust is from your water box

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