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    What ride plate are you looking for?

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    I'd probably look for an R&D. Unlikely I'd find a shredmaster, but would entertain anything over stock

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    R&d are hard to find now, shred prob impossible.

    I have a service manual, pm me your email address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beekermartin View Post
    I guess I will have to accept 60 mph with my fat ass on it. I
    I have 50lb on you(that's what I get from sitting in front of a computer all day for work, nothing to do with my love of tacos... LOL) and a stock impeller(good condition from turboman412) on my R and I hit 62-63 via GPS speedo says 67. My buddy has the same ski, with a solaris impeller(I do not know pitch etc), and he is 165lb and we top out at a nearly identical speed.

    Oh, and congratulations of getting the ski sorted out and running great!!!

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    I haven't ran the ski in a couple of weeks. I started it up on the hose tonight and it is running great. While it was running I watched the Tygon piece of fuel line where it enters the pump and I am seeing bubbles again. I tried it on reserve as well and after it settled in the bubbles were reduced but there was still some. I shot a video of it but I don't know how well you can see the bubbles.

    Regardless it appears I am still having air getting into the fuel system somehow. I don't know how that is possible after all I have done but that appears to be the case.

    How should I go about pressurizing the fuel system before I take anything apart? If memory serves me I should disconnect the return line from the pump. Cap off the return line fitting on the pump and connect the return fuel line to to the pump. Pump it up to ~5 psi and then check for leaks.

    Is that correct?

    I am so frustrated that this problem is back. I am thankful I have the piece of Tygon fuel line so I can see the bubbles. If I only had black fuel line I would never know there was an issue. Odds are this issue will cause a lean condition at WOT and I would burn up another piston. I am starting to think I should replace every piece of fuel line with Tygon fuel line and give up on the black fuel line. I understand the Tygon line won't be able to handle the heat of a fire but I am willing to take that risk if it means no more air leaks in the fuel system.

    Here is a link to the video. Sorry for the poor quality but you should be able to see the bubbles in a few frames.

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    I connected a gauge and pump to the nipple on the tank where the check valve connects. I started to pump up the tank and quickly realized a big issue. The gas cap is cracked and leaking badly! I don't know if that is the cause of the air bubbles in my fuel line but it could be. I am off to find a replacement cap now. I should have noticed the cap has epoxy or glue residue on it. I also should have pressurized the fuel system a long time ago! I am so pissed off and mad at myself for not checking this before. I pressurized the petcock valve and lines out of the ski but never the entire fuel system. After I get a new cap I will pressurize it again and see what happens.

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    Any recommendations for a temporary replacement and a permanent one? Local shop is closed for the weekend and I was hoping to get some riding in this weekend. I went to a few local stores and all I can find is 2 1/8" caps. I need a 2" cap unfortunately.
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    Looks like I am SOL for this weekend. Oh well. There will probably be too many people out on the water anyway.

    I ordered this:

    I can swap over the seal from the stock cap. It should get the job done and not crack like a replacement plastic one will.

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    What i run with oem gasket Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20200703-220942_eBay.jpg 
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    Oem plastic caps are crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    What i run with oem gasket Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20200703-220942_eBay.jpg 
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    Oem plastic caps are crap
    Cool. It appears that is exactly what I ordered. I posted a link above to what I ordered.

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