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    I was going to suggest using marine tex on the small chunk but then I saw the keel. It my need to get flipped and re-gelkoted.


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    Marine tex, i dont go nuts on the bottom of these just make sure no exposed fiberglass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beekermartin View Post
    I have been working on getting the ski onto the dolly I bought. It sits higher than my trailer so it had been a challenge by myself. Hopefully I'll have some help this weekend to figure it out.

    Anyway I was crawling under it and noticed some damage to the hull fiberglass. I noticed it before but I took some pics this time. Maybe this is part of the reason my top speed isn't what it should be? Is this a big deal? Should I repair it? Is it something I can do myself or do I need to have a professional do it?

    You can easily fix that yourself. Tip: use regular masking tape to tape off the perimeter of the damaged area right up close to the edge. Then mask around that perimeter with more rows of tape. The idea is to keep the fiberglass resin or whatever repair material that you use off the hull except for right at the damaged area. This will save you lots of time sanding it off of areas you don't want it on. When you do start sanding, sand the repair until the surface of the tape is exposed. Don't sand through the tape, and don't peel the tape until your done. If you don't tape it, you'll turn a little spot into a big ugly mess, and work hard in the process.
    I just did my ultra and sea doo hulls using regular fiberglass resin and chopped strand mat cut into tiny bits with scissors. I happened to have the resin and the mat already in the garage, so I made due with that. That was for the impact damage.

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    I'm back!

    Weather was decent enough to roll the ski outside and do some work. I had ordered a used petcock on eBay and I installed it today. Sure enough I could see major air bubbles in the piece of Tygon fuel line. Just like with the old petcock. Keep in mind I had been running with the fuel line connected directly to the reserve output of the tank with no air bubbles. I had also cut the ends of the expensive Shields fuel line before installing it on the new to me petcock and the fuel tank. I also took apart the petcock, cleaned it, lubed the o-ring and then pressure tested it and it held pressure.

    I then replaced the Shields main and reserve fuel lines that go from the tank to the petcock with the original hoses I had removed. I started it up again and it is vastly improved. There are a couple tiny bubbles every once and a while but very few. It is possible that may clear up after it runs for a few minutes. I still have a Shields line running from the output of the petcock to the fuel filter. I am going to change that back to the stock line as well. My assumption is the Shield fuel line is just too stiff to seal properly on the petcock. It sealed perfectly when connected directly to the tank but it doesn't appear to work well with the petcock. Since it worked when connected directly to the fuel tank it appears the Shield line works fine with the fuel filter I installed. Just the petcock seems to be the issue.

    After dealing with all of this I really wish I would have just used Tygon line. I know it might not be as durable as the Shields but at least I would have been able to spot the bubbles immediately and possibly not have gone through all of this. I don't know if the air bubbles is what caused me to burn up two pistons or not. I will probably never know what the main cause was at this point. Regardless having air bubbles in the fuel system is definitely not good.

    On a positive note it started right up and ran perfectly. I don't have the pump installed right now but the motor sounds great. I hope she holds up this season. I've been keeping my eyes open for a used Ultra 150 and I found one today with only 58 hours on it. If it was closer to me it would probably already be in my driveway. Now that I have learned so much about this motor I want another ski with the same motor so I won't be starting at ground zero again. I want a second ski so I can bring a friend riding with me. I think the Ultra 150 will be my second ski. The guy wants $1,600 for it with a trailer. That seems like a damn good deal if it is in good shape. I would sell the trailer and buy a double trailer but still seems like a good deal for that price. Decisions decision...

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    What year is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    What year is it?

    He text me a copy of the registration and it shows it is a 2000.
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    Yes thats a 2000, no engine pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    Yes thats a 2000, no engine pics
    I know some of the 99 models require expensive spark plugs. The 2000 and newer use the same spark plugs as my STX-R. What else is different through the years of the Ultra 150 besides the color scheme?

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    The '99s used a different starter. Also, the circuit breakers and air intake hoses were relocated.

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    I swapped out the Shields fuel line from the output of the petcock to the fuel filter with the original fuel line. I ran it for about 15 minutes on the hose switching back and forth from main to reserve and there is almost zero bubbles now. When I switch the petcock I might see one or two very small bubbles for a second but they stop quick. Before I put it away i ran it for two minutes on both main and reserve while watching for bubbles. I didn't see any. I think it is safe to say my fuel system issue is finally fixed. I will keep an eye on it when I get it in the water this spring but as of now it seems to be good to go!

    I text the guy selling the Ultra 150 for more pics. Before I make the drive out there I want to see the condition of the engine compartment and hull.

    Edit: I wanted to add working on the ski on the dolly is a dream compared to when it is on the trailer. My shins are much happier.
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