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    The fact how long it stays at 8k is not the issue.

    and the fact it free wheels is actually working against the issue of throttle shut/air surge as it’s still spinning with positive boost... it does not free wheel the other way.

    and yes I can rev the car to 6k and clutch dump it on slicks... the charger is fine even with instant rom changes.... and the point of running a light super charger spring in a BOV Is to stop compressor surge...

    so thats where I am like... hmm why not?
    When the jet pump comes out of the water at WOT the engine hits rev limiter and slows quickly. The clutch allows the supercharger to continue forward spin without damaging it. A solid gear would be a disaster for the SC shaft spinning at very high rpm.

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    I understand the shaft can break, or would.

    But my my point is they don’t on other superchargers when Hugh RPM and studdely stopped. We can manufacture axles to handle 1000s or rotational lbs of Torque. I would think some Gardner gears and shaft. Can handle the small weight of the super charger wheel.. and it’s supporting gears..

    i mean you also stopping the up /down force of the pistons instantly when it hooks too the crank is not breaking..

    so it may may not be as simple as just gears. But gears and shaft.

    bht you guys answered my question no one has said they have tried...

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    Hey guys we have all gone down this road .... and kick this can. My answer was spend a small fortune on the best dam clutch $$$ can buy.
    I put in the $1800. Riva CR clutch …. now when I let off the throttle when unhooked I don't worry about it. This is well made and very solid build. It also allows for more oil to seep on S/C shaft …. my money is on it.

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