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    1999 xp limited stopped accelerating

    I was out on my 1999 XP Ltd this weekend, and after about forty minutes my pwc would not accelerate anymore. It was not gaining RPMs or revving it seemed to be bogging down. Motor and carbs are in good shape. What could cause this? I checked the impeller and nothing was in it however, this was after I towed it all the way back to the dock about a mile. Will the oil getting below a certain level prevent the engine from accelerating as a safety feature? The inside of the ski was dry, and It seems to accelerate once again when I got it home in the garage. there was no vibration or anything of that nature. Please help, and all suggestions are welcomed.

    Thank you,

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    Take it out again. If it bogs pull the plugs and let us know what color they are. Sounds like fuel delivery

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    smell for exhaust leak, ************* clean RAVE values ************* make sure they move freely !!!!!

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    If you towed the ski without clamping the inlet cooling hose than you filled the motor with water,

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    Still Bogs down. Changed the plugs because they looked fouled. Still bogs. Can you tell me what the right port does? I know the left on the side discharges water from the cooling but the right is broken and this is what it looks like.
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    It still starts, idles , runs great on the trailer just bogs down as before I towed it.

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    Time for a carb rebuild/cleaning.

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    Hey water worx, can you look at my pictures above and tell me what the right port is for? The connector broke on the inside of the hull that connects two hoses and what is in my hand is what goes between the two connecting pieces that are shown in the second picture.

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    What does the other end of the hose go to? Tank vent?

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    ncdoo, I believe you are correct. It is attached to a grey tempo line which indicates fuel. Could this vent be causing this problem you think? I believe I found it in the Fuel System Diagram #18 275500505. I am guessing it used to look how my picture shows however they changed the part along the way. Nonetheless I ordered one so that it would be correct, and not broken.

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