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    High idle and powerless Kawasaki ultra 250x 2007

    Sold my 2016 310R and got this 250x ultra 2007 for a really nice price with only 39h used

    only started it on dry land when i was at the seller and it sounded okey so i bought it after i had a look at it

    I had to change some stuff, like the jetpump bearings, i decided to also change impeller to a solas stock when the pump was disembled

    i also changed steering wire , rew-wire and battery besides oil and oilfilter. So far so good.

    went down to the lake yesterday, put the ski in the water it didnt sound quite right. High idle, about a solid 2500 rpm and no power at all, it rews around 7800 rpm as normal but it doesnt feel like the kompressor is working..

    any ideas? Changed the sparkplugs and connected the hose and ran the ski outside the garage but its still idles high and there is no power..
    habe checked the motorcompartment and cant find any loose hoses or anything..

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    Maybe vacuum or boost leak since you have high idle? Try hooking up a vacuum gauge and check your readings at idle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistrDough View Post
    Maybe vacuum or boost leak since you have high idle? Try hooking up a vacuum gauge and check your readings at idle.
    Tried spraying brakeclean while the engine were running and when i sprayed it between the exhaust manifold and the engine block the idle went down to around 1500rpm from 2500rpm.. what could be leaking air around there? There were nowere else on the engine that reacted when spraying..

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    You may have been hitting the supercharger that sits underneath the exhaust manifold. Hitting the exhaust shouldn't do anything to affect idle. If your exhaust was leaking into the engine bay, you most likely would have low idle and would not be able to rev pretty high (oxygen deprivation for the engine).

    Best way to check for leaks is to either get/make a smoke machine and smoke the intake, or pressurize the intake side with air (you need an adapter that fits over the intake like this When using air pressure, you would listen for hissing sounds and use soapy water and look for bubbles.

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