Instead of waiting a few days (couldn't because we were leaving on vacation) I got a trailer that had been sitting at the dealership for a while, they'd even been using as a sort of storage rack. Anyway between the wheel they didn't torque on, grease seal slinging grease, greasy and cut winch strap and terribly adjusted bunks I asked a lot of questions here. I got a bunch of replies, most of them were helpful and I just wanted to say thank you.

Spent a few hours today putting on the spare tire carrier (did take drilling holes to mate with the X2 jack), replacing the winch strap with a new one Triton sent me and adjusting the bunks. The trailer is now almost how it should have been delivered. Only thing left to do is replace the winch rollers like K447 has suggested many times. Dealer also had the winch towers adjusted so poorly that the Triton blue rollers are really egg shaped instead of round and they were so tight they didn't rotate. I am sure if they could have rotated they would have indeed torn up the yamaha paint like K447 has said.

Anyway, thanks again for the helpful posts, appreciate it.