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    2006 STX 15F Wont start or turnover....incl Video link

    Video below....So I completed the "famous water pipe" replacement due to overheating, thanks to all the great info and people here. (This thread) I then drained and replaced gas, new spark plugs, new battery.

    This is what I get when I attempt a start:

    It goes, "CHUNK". Its not just a click, theres a hard knock in the engine when I hit the start button. No cranking or starter rotation sounds.

    By the way, anybody know a good STX Mechanic in Tampa Bay? Im likely beyond my abilities at this point. Dont say Jet Trendz or Cycle Springs....been there and spent that money.

    I tried to call Jims Performance (was Jim-Mikes in this forum) and I get "number disconnected.

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    How long ago was it last run? Is it used in salt water?

    Check that the impeller isn't locked up inside the jet pump.

    Try removing the jet pump and see if the motor cranks. But don't run the motor with the pump removed. You can damage the drive shaft bearing seals.

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    Steven - 14 months ago before the water pipe replacement it ran but overheated. Yes salt water (Tampa Bay). How does one "crank the motor" specifically without running it? Cant find that in the Service Manual.

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    Steven - Yep, Impeller locked up. Soaking it in PBlaster right now....will update once its freed up. Not sure how to turn the driveshaft to check engine rotation manually....while I have the Jet pump off...any best practices there?

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    Hope you figure it out.

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    Don't think PB Blaster will help. The stainless steel liner in the jet pump gets high spots that stop the impeller from rotating. You probably have to replace the pump or the liner.

    You can hit the start button to see if it cranks. But if it starts, shut it down immediately so you don't damage the seals.

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    To crank the engine without starting just unplug the fuel injector harness connectors. This process works for any fuel injected vehicle. When cranking, if it does not turn over after a few seconds, stop and wait for a few seconds. You do not want to keep trying to crank for long periods of time and overheat your wires.

    It is possible you have a weak battery also so try jumping it if you dont have a voltmeter and ampmeter to test to see if the battery is good.

    You can manually turn the engine near the rear of the it. There is a black plastic cover that you unbolt. It's just held in with two screws or something. After removing the cover, you can see a drive shaft with flats you can wrench. You normally use a special wrench to turn it but you can probably get away with an adjustable wrench. It will be require some force to turn especially if you leave the spark plugs in (compression in the combustion chamber).

    Edit more info: I recommend you remove the plugs and do these tests. I have had a no start clunking issue where my fuel injector was stuck open and filled the combustion chamber with fuel. It had the symptom where it sometime turned over but very difficult or not turn over at all (just clunks). I removed the plugs and tried to crank and it would shoot fuel out of the spark plug hole.

    Try these things and report back.

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    I havent tried the manual engine crank yet. I let PBlaster sit in the liner overnight, wont budge this morning. Heres pics of the Impeller side of the jet pump, I removed the fat gasket to see the liner edge.

    The blade contacting the liner on the lower right may be keeping this from rotating. Are these options?
    So Can I DIY a liner replacement and install an impeller rebuild kit....clean up the impeller and put it back together?
    Are there Service Pros who we can send the entrie jet pump unit to for this kind of rebuild?
    Do I have to do a whole "Pump Exchange" with SBT for $400 (link) ? BTW I live not far from SBT in Clearwater.
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    I recently rebuilt an 06 STX15F including replacing the entire jet pump. If you have not upgraded it yet, I recommend you upgrade to the 2012 pump spec because it makes the whole assembly stronger and helps prevent catastrophic engine damage ( It will cost roughly the same as the price you listed but you get brand new parts plus they are more reliable/durable. You will need to get a new vane guide (the propeller housing ~$270), bearings and seals (~$60) and shaft (~$75). You can probably reuse your propeller if it is still OK.

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    The 2012 upgrade doesnt specifically say the vane guide also contains a new SS impeller liner, I have to assume that it does include one. I managed to hear from SBT on FB today when I asked if they do Jet Pump bench work heres what they said:

    "We do not "repair" the pump. We can usually sell a replacement, but will charge a fee to remove the impeller/shaft, but with the caveat we wont be responsible for damage to parts (if you couldnt remove it, its likely we'll have to use force or heat, which could effect impeller/driveshaft. We do the best we can with as little damage as possible, but try to be clear on the possibilities...."

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