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    Trailer winch/hitch covers available?

    Is there anything like a drawstring weatherproof dry cover, or bag, that would go over a trailer hitch and typical manual winch? Both get beat up over the winter (freeze too). I currently use contractor heavy duty ply plastic bags and duck tape to cover them. Anyway, thought I ask. Thanks

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    I am not aware of anything but, I’ve not done a whole lot of looking; I am resorting to the same “plastic lawn / leaf bag” (or tarps) you describe but, I use zip ties, rather than tape.

    Either way, it ain’t doing much for our haciendas “curb appeal” that’s fer sure!

    I have been mulling over the idea of finding a large plastic container that would fit over the winch and another to cover the tongue. We have a lawn irrigation pump that uses lake water to irrigate our lawn and a heavy duty, large, grey storage bin does a great job of covering it all winter (after we drain it, of course). The grey blends in with the surrounding rocks and vegetation much better than the big plastic bags I cover the trailer winches with. Eventually, I’ll get to this on my 4-page “to do” list (sigh)

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    Thanks for the reply... maybe I should post this in the vendor section of the forum. I know my boat brand (Cobalt) has a vendor forum

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    cover for an electric tongue jack for a rv would work nice.

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