Hello, I am new here, but have owned a few skis in the past. This past week I saw a 2017 Gti for 1500, went and looked at it and got him down to 1k. The back left corner another ski hit it and put a hole in the back leading to the ski getting swamped. The dude evidently had little mechanical knowledge and left milky oil sitting in there for aleast 6 months. I went tried to get a new battery after replacing the oil to see if I could see how bad everything was before tearing it down. Didn't get too far, tried jumping straight to the starter still nothing so not sure where to begin on that end maybe an ecu or something. Anyway, I could rebuild the motor, or I could just try getting something bigger as its only the 90, was just wanting some advice on what would be a relatively easy swap. Theres so much electronics on this thing, I would think I'd need to just take everything from. another ski to get it to work minus the pump and shaft. Any help would be appreciated hopefully gonna get the motor out this weekend and assess the damage before deciding what todo. Ski also came with a pretty much brand new trailer, so not totally sure how I did on the deal, but definitely want this thing to be able to go faster than 42. Thanks again for everyones help!