I have a 1993 Yamaha vxr pro with a 701cc, runs great and owned it since brand new. I do have a 2014 Kawasaki ultra 310x though and so the Yami is kind of on the back burner and not really used anymore. I recently got the idea and was looking around trying to find info and see if I could swap out the 701cc for a 1200cc out of a gp1200r but I havenít found anything. So my question is, would the 1200cc engine fit in the vxr hull relatively easy? Would it be worth it, pros and cons, etc. please let me know what you guys think and any advice you might have! I realize it would probably be easier to go buy a gp1200r but thatís not what Iím going for. I just want something fun to mess around with that you wouldnít see every day.