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    Quote Originally Posted by Boricuaspr View Post
    Hi everyone! 2018 Yamaha FX SVHO (RED)

    Hope this messages finds everyone well. I have a problem with the bottom of my hull with scratches that stripped the paint or gel coat away.

    Im not sure if this is regular “car” paint or gel coat. Im not sure if running the ski with the paint stripped like that and having the fiberglass or black base coat exposed will damage the element under the paint.

    not sure what to do here, if repaint, or smooth the scuff and leave it. I live in Puerto Rico, and I don't thrust anyone to work on it and damage even more.

    on the pictures, its only two, two with flash and the other two without flash to distinguish details
    Please post your pictures of your ski....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane1000 View Post
    Please post your pictures of your ski....
    I'm trying to delete this post, I have another post with the pictures

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