I am having a issue getting the timing set on this ski. I ran it last year and it is a dog at slow speeds and takes forever to get up to speed. I have done a few things and thought that the timing was correct. But went ahead and pulled the fuel tank and rechecked. Its not. But upon trying to set the timing I only get a 10 degree throw. Retarded its at 0 degrees. but fully advanced I can only get about 10 degrees out of it. I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is another issue. I was hoping someone lived around me that has experience with them that could help me out. But if not maybe someone has some kind of idea what I might be doing wrong by just this little bit of information.

A bit of back story the ski is a 97 1050, I pulled the engine out when I first got it and replaced the stator, then replaced the cdi box. Did a tune up and got it running. I spent last summer trying to tweak it to get it running right, which included getting a set of accel pump carbs from another ski. I think it ended up being off a 900 as the carbs were smaller in diameter on the bottom. But in any case even after rebuilding them. The ski still ran the same. So I thought maybe something is wrong with the timing after all.