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    Received my Y.E.S. Contract from Yamaha Today

    I dunno this is a little bit of a joke. The Yamaha Extended Service (YES) is for 36 months. Twelve (12) months of that 36 months the FX will be winterized sitting on it's a trailer. The YES Contract started 3/12/19, heck I hopping I get the new FX by 5/15/19. The standardized YES contract is applicable to everything except boats (ATV, generators, etc). The five customer responsibilities are on side two of the two sided contact along with the impact YES has in about 8 states. In Minnesota you better get the owners manual with the ski or you'll have to pay to get it. Dealer needs to be advised of all defects within 10 days (seems a little quick).

    I'll stop there

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    Oops 4 pages of contract

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    I had ordered a FXHO last year from my dealer. It just came in last week in NWest Pennsylvania. I'm going to pay for it and pick it up in about two weeks once the weather gets a little better which is fine with the dealer. It's my fourth ski from them and he didn't want a deposit. My warranty will start when I pay for it because that's when they'll do the paperwork. Members have used YES on various problems and it seemed to go fine. I guess it depends on the dealer. If you read, you'll need to keep records on the service done. If you do your own, keep receipts of oil, filters, etc. and the number of hours when done so the dealer has proof if needed.

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