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    2008 RXP starting issues

    I have a 2008 RXP. It always hestiates to start and feels like the battery is weak and that I just barely got it start every time, I have another 2007 RXP so i have that as a comparison. I swapped the batteries on the skis just to see if it made a difference and it didnt.

    am i in for a new starter?

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    Most likely it's your starter solenoid going bad. They are very common to fail on these skis. It is item 9 on this page of the GreenHulk OEM parts store

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    Check the main ground from the battery to the engine block. Most likely just need to clean the connections.

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    Happen to mine was the starter

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    Best prop for 215 rxp seadoo

    Has grate ,cold air and fizzle first gen

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    Where can i get a starter rebuild kit, I dont want to shell out $320 for a new starter. I think I Just need the brushes etc. I looked online and it looks like sea doo used to make a starter kit...

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