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Thread: Gp nose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. GP1800 View Post
    I get a little water over the bow but I don’t care. It helps to sit on the back seat section at idle if you really don’t like it
    thank you would a wedge help at all

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    My 07 vx did that and it never hurt anything

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    I have the issue(don't wanna call it a problem) when I have 2 or 3 people, when riding solo as others have said I just position myself as far back as possible. A little throttle will help the issue vs just sitting in water or a idle pace.

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    Mine always dips the nose in the water at idle, even more noticeable with a full tank and bags upfront, doesnt do anything though so I never bothered with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtile04 View Post
    ... gp1800 especially at slow speed the nose likes to dive through the water, on a lake behind a wake i feel is the worst, any suggestions
    Maybe I misunderstood how slow you would be going.

    Right at idle and just above idle, the bow is close to the water surface.

    When a bit more power is applied the hull starts to plow, rear goes down and nose rides higher. This is the mode I use when crossing waves and boat wash at ‘low’ speeds. Trim up will accentuate the bow rise. I often apply a little more power just as the wave arrives, which helps push the bow up and over the wave rather than into the wave.

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