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Dayum, that is pretty cool (ha-ha, I don’t just “learn something new every day”; I learn it here, on the GH boards ...!)
For 60 bucks I bought 1 (I have a JBL and Kicker amps on ski),
Went home and took battery leads off the Yami VxHo, SeaDoo Spark, Chevy Cruze and each one fired to life with just the Pack -.
I glued the carry case into the rear storage bin and its been there ever since.
Used it more than a few times helping others on group rides.
My neighbors know where it is to use it (they have)-3 escalade/tahoes over 6 months and never charged it..
I have tried some others (power packs) and allmost all of them balk out because of the circuit breaker built into the leads/clips- The MiniMax unit has never said "no" and disconnected power..