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    Drain Plug Assembly Came Out!

    I just bought a 2013 Wake 155 and I LOVE IT! The drain plugs were always very difficult to get out so I used a monkey wrench to get them loose and taken out. The third time I took the ski out I used the wrench as usual and the ENTIRE drain plug assembly came out.It looks like what is called the "bushing" came unglued and is no longer flush with the hole where the drain assembly should screw in. Any thoughts on how to fix? I've thought about using 3m 5200 to glue it back and i've thought about just buying a complete replacement but I guess I can't do that until the bushing is fixed.. any thoughts? I would like to try to fix myself if possible.


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    There should be a retaining ring on the inside of the hull that the drain plug attaches too, its not glued in....

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    Yes, the retaining ring is what came unglued from the hull. I can't screw the drain plug assembly back in because the retaining ring as you call it gets pushed into the bilge.

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    Yeah its tricky, you could try and use a small dab of silicone or something similar to hold the retaining ring in place while you carefully thread the plug onto it. I did it multiple times before and just used my fingers, I don't remember it being all that hard.

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    Cool. I'll give the adhesive a try. I tried to reach through the hull to see if I could hold the other side but I couldn't reach back there.. It's so frustrating because it should be an easy fix! I'm new to owning a sea doo and I have to say it is the most fun i've had in a long time!

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    They shouldn’t be hard to take out. A bit of triple guard grease on the o rings will prevent them from sticking.

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    Drain Plug Assembly Came Out!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the part that it screws into. You’ll need to get a buddy to help you get it back on. Use a mirror to find the drain outlet in the hull and use a broom stick or something to push the ring back in place and hold it with the stick. Get your buddy to screw the drain assembly back in to it.

    You may want to turn the drain assembly counter clockwise a few turns before he screws it in to avoid twisting up the hose that’s connected to it.

    And some urethane on it first will stop it from unscrewing again.

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