hey guys its been a few years since I played with my skis or projects , but I'm getting motivated again and pulled out my old HX project I thought it be simpler and faster to just scrap the idea of a yamaha 1200cc in the hx and just drop in the guts (pump, engine, mpem) from a seadoo gsx limited I had sitting here, bad idea I guess, it was no simpler then the Yamaha engine , I still have the exhaust routing issue . On the HX exhaust runs down left side of the ski however on the GSX limited 947 engine the hard pipe or stinger feeds out on the right side of ski . I could have sworn there used to be some threads on HX conversion years ago but can't find them now advice ,pictures would be welcome on how to route the exhaust.

How are others routing the hard sting exhaust form right side to the exhaust tube on left side for a HX?