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    750SX not starting

    The guy I bought it from had it started in his garage when I bought it now I cant get it to start. The previous owner said something about a float needle, but I have no clue what I'm doing if someone could walk me through this or send me a link to a helpful YouTube video that would be great.

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    Welcome aboard, Bhunter!

    You don't give us a lot to go on, but since it started, we'll assume that the ignition system is good.

    I'm going to guess that this 'Ski hasn't been used for some time. It probably has old, stale gas in it. Draining it and putting in fresh gas likely won't solve the problem. You probably have crud inside the tank and/or the filters. Probably the internal filter inside the carb is plugged, too.

    What year is this 'Ski?

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